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Jorge Vinals

Professor / Director of Graduate Studies

TATEH Room 130-17 (office), 624-9074
vinals @ •

Summary of Interests
Pattern formation outside of thermodynamic equilibrium. Nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation, and chaos. Defect motion in soft matter and in complex fluids such as block copolymers and nematic suspensions. [Research Web Page]

About My Work

Our research is of theoretical and computational nature, and focuses on mesoscale theories of nonequilibrium phenomena in extended systems, with applications to Materials Science and Soft Matter Physics. The evolution of systems outside of thermodynamic equilibrium generically involves unstable boundaries and moving topological defects. The mesoscale offers a convenient platform in which to bridge traditional microscopic theory and atomistic simulation of non equilibrium and fully macroscopic descriptions of transport models that need to accommodate discontinuities at moving boundaries and singular fields at defects. We develop mesocale models, analyze their multiple scale asymptotics, and obtain their non equilibrium properties through large scale computation. Our research is currently motivated by the study of microstructure evolution in materials science, and fluid flows of topological origin in nematic suspensions.

Advisees and Collaborators

Chris Conklin, Teaching Assistant
Eduardo Vitral, Teaching Assistant


Ph.D. in Physics, University of Barcelona, Spain.